Matthew A Thomas
completing project me - how understanding God's perspective changes yours

When failure occurs or tragedy strikes, we struggle to make sense of it. Divine interruptions can leave us feeling confused. From Genesis to Revelation, God uses conflict as a vehicle for growth. There is more behind every situation than what we can see at first. Completing Project Me is an invitation to understand how God uses challenging experiences to make our lives richer.   Learn to

• consider divine interruptions from God’s perspective,
• cultivate resilience in faith,
• deepen your prayer life, and
• center yourself on gratitude.
God doesn’t start something to leave it unfinished. He is doing more than you know. Let Him lead you through your conflict and into a more complete life.

living and telling the good news

How do I tell others what I believe? I’ve heard this question a lot. People want to know how to share their faith, but they lack the ability. Some are shy or uncertain. Some are afraid they'll reveal their lack of Bible knowledge; others are afraid of sounding like a know-it-all.

Designed for either personal use or as a group study, this book will help anyone become a better and more reliable witness of Jesus Christ. Part 1 is an overview of what happened. What is the story we are telling, after all? Part 2 gives practical suggestions on how to tell the story. Part 3 is about interest. Who is our message for? Guaranteed - there are people in your life who need to hear about Jesus from YOU.

You are part of history’s greatest story. And you have a part in the developing story of others. Let’s learn how to fulfill that role well.